Storybook Quilts

This program introduces quilting to elementary aged children through literature. The collection consists of 36 different storybooks related to quilting, along with 66 small quilts, made by members of the Oakland County Quilt Guild, depicting the quilts with in the books. The stories range from folk tales to modern times and cover a wide variey of topics.

The collection is available to schools, media centers, public libraries, museums, scout programs and any other interested groups on a loaner basis. This set of quilts has been utilized in the fourth grade for the math unit of geometric shapes and quilt blocks, a one-room school program for third graders, and a historical group’s presentation on the Underground Railroad.

To inquire about this program for your group, please contact the Oakland County Quilt Guild’s Community Education chairperson by selecting Storybook Quilt from the category list on our contact form